A charming luxury villa in southern Italy such as the boutique guest house La Tana del Riccio is the ideal vacation house to rent to relax, de-stress and renew oneself, also by taking advantage of Ayurveda derived treatments.   This is a Special Offer to be enjoyed in the terraces, garden or your suite.

Sonia Bergamaschi, a trained practitioner, is available to help you untie from any tension and restore the inner and mental peace. You only have to pick a time of your convenience to be agreed with her (we recommend late afternoon, evening) and choose where you wish to enjoy the treatment within La Tana del Riccio.


Ayurvedic medicine is a system of traditional medicine native to the Indian subcontinent and a form of alternative medicine. The term Ayurveda derives from the merge of two Sanskrit (an ancient language from India) words, Ayu and Veda, Life and Knoweldge, thus referring to the science of Life.


Treatments available to the guests of La Tana del Riccio

Abhyangam: Complete massage using sesame oils and Clarified Ghee Butter, to detox the mind and restore the mental-physical balance. 60 Minutes. €50
Phenakam: Lymphatic drainage massage with sesame oil. This massage technique is helpful in eliminating overabundant liquids. 60-90 minutes. €50
—-> Local Massage <—-

Face and Head: massage with sesame oil to relax the head and the face. 30 minutes, 30€

Back and Arms: massage from the back to the arms with either sesame oil or clarified ghee butter. 30 Minutes, 30€

Foot and Leg: anti fatigue massage for the legs and feet with either sesame oil or clarified ghee butter. 30 Minutes, 30€


Packages and Specials for guests of La Tana Del Riccio
(Can be shared among the couples in the Guest House)

  • Pick any two Body Massage: 80€
  • Pick one Body Massage and one Local Massage : 60€
  • Pick any two Body Massage and one Local Massage : 100€
  • Pick any two Body Massage and any two Local Massage : 120€
  • Pick any five treatment: 200€
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