B&B Tana del Riccio offers  the chance to learn how to prepare “orecchiette”. Mrs. Tina, our neighbour, is also a great cook!  She is available upon request, to teach you how to prepare homemade,  typical and authentic pasta from Salento.  Varieties include: “orecchiette”, “sagne”, and “maccheroni” accompanied with turnip greens or another local style sauce.

B&B special “The hedgehog at the stove: how to prepare orecchiette” will engage you only for one lesson, with Tina as a teacher it’ll be sufficient!

You can arrange with her which afternoon can be reserved to learn how to hand make the pasta, there is one important note, that it is not on a day where the sirocco winds are blowing…orecchiette preparation works better when winds are from the north! With the right wind you’ll be able to serve dinner with your pasta! We will provide you with everything is needed to realize your pasta performance and share it in the evening with your mate and friends in the beautiful terraces of the B&B Guest House or, if you prefer in the “zen garden”.  We will soon prepare a video to introduce everybody to this art…and remeber what to do when you go back to your kitchens.

The price is 20,00€ per person with minimum two “students”.
B&B Kitchen for Orecchiette lesson