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The Bed and Breakfast Tana del Riccio, recently renovated to be a cozy and welcoming design boutique B and B and a vacation home maintains the classic and spontaneous architecture of an anchient house in Salento.

A good dose of fantasy and folly was required during the renovation process to preserve and enhance its original structure and incorporate all modern residential conveniences. We started from a profound renovating project which, over time, evolved into an in-depth updating into a modern place still having its old-world charm.

We found and exploited niches and fireplaces, created new spaces, reconstructed the Atrium vaulted ceiling and built new staircases, always addressing contructions problems with creativity and imagination, playing with interior design.

We used the traditional techniques for the vaulted ceilings and the staircases, using local materials (limestones ) from the caves of Trani and Lecce), to maintain the history of a centuries old family house charm.

The wide, linear, modern glass skylight in the Atrium coexists with the traditional limestone vaulted ceiling in a game of simple geometries. The deep blue light from the Salento’s sky invades the Atrium meeting the light limestones, white plaster walls, and colorful design decor and elements providing each environment a unique and distinguished personality.

Three out of the 4 suites can be accessed directly from the Atrium, each with a vaulted ceiling and located at different levels, providing a characteristic movement to this boutique vacation house.
Three terraces, all linked to each other, can be accessed from the atrium limestone staircase. The 4th suite is located in the first terrace and offers a view of the ancient walls of the Church and its bell tower.

Geometries from Salento

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