B&B|Guest House|Tana del Riccio: a dream in Salento

Sometime dreams do materialize, and this is the case for the Guesthouse La Tana del Riccio, the boutique vacation house in Salento which we did not even know we wanted…

…on a late 2010 summer afternoon, when we reached the main square of Vaste, site selected by some local friends for a gathering, and were immediately stroke by the charm of a location that resembled an Italy of the 60ties, as if we were in the set of an old movie from Rossellini.

Even more impressive was discovering, behind a small opening in the ‘400 walls, the ancient borough, with quite alleys providing access to the houses, and Mrs. Inda and Tina, our loved neighbors today, seating outside, chatting and enjoying the fresh air flow to whom we asked whether there was something up for sale. And that was the beginning of La Tana del Riccio.

Origini de La Tana Del Riccio

La nuova scala per le terrazze

What we found for sale was a big door to a covered garage used as a hall with an old wood kitchen and access to three rooms at various levels, all with vaulted ceiling, a single and small bathroom for the entire house, a plastic cover to protect the hall from the rain, a narrow passage to a small garden used for hand laundry, and steep stairs to the terraces, one with another storage room, and a magnificent view of the church walls, bell tower, and the Palace of Vaste.

La Tana del Riccio | Guesthouse Salento

“Bros” Riccetti a riposo dopo il lavoro

The technical report was of an almost collapsing set of walls and roofs, floors and windows beyond recoverable, stairs to be redone, bathrooms to be made for each room and more. Anyhow was love at first sight which have been tested multiple times during all the constructions and renovation works that spanned for almost a year and required strength, patience and a very creative imagination to transform into opportunities, stone after stone, the several hiccups and “unplanned features and findings”.

All those positive energies and efforts are behind this unique boutique vacation house from the Riccetti’s brother and sister, to be shared with friends and guests. Our…and yours…nest.

PS. for professional architects or passionate lovers of remodeling, looking around for ideas and inspiration, we are pleased to share our personal photographic album, showing the long journey thru this adventure, and recognizing all of those that gave their heart and art to which we are very grateful.

In the gallery dedicated to the design and installation of the skylight, please note the mastery from Antonio Fersini and the ingenuous and effective methods used to lift such heavy and long (4 meters) glass plates and science to merge this structure into the existing old walls, none of which was linear or squared.

Also the mastery of the Architect Marcello Riini, from Spongano, was required to realize the vaulted cover in the atrium and the two staircase, both using the local limestone and ancient techniques which will become clear looking at the picture timeline. Our personal thanks goes also to Serena for taking snapshots also when we were not present.

We wish to recognize also Salvo Rizzello from Spongano, the kind and tireless responsible and author of all the hydric and sewage system designed by Ing.Guido Scarpello from Maglie, the responsible for the electrical system Fernando Marsillo always smiling and living in the close Giuggianello. Fernando was also the sponsor of the lamp in the atrium over the dining table, closing a lengthy and never converging down selection.

Windows and doors fixtures are from Guerrazzi SnC in Galatina where we found an efficient and competent staff who provided all answers and helped us identifying the right solutions. We wish to thank also Francesco Verri who guided us in the selection of the tiles (and more) in his headquarter in Zollino.
Last but not least a special thank to Ing.Tommaso Gatto from Maglie, project master and director who took us in his caring hands and guided thru each problem, leading us to the conclusion of this restoration adventure.

The skylight

Maestro Pino’s staircase

How to build a vaulted ceiling