Lightshow Footage shot by B&B Guest House Salento La Tana del Riccio during a last reharsal of the incredible and just unique lightshow in Scorrano, the capital of lightshows maestros in architectural reproductions. Footage was used by italian leading tv news TG5 for a headline story illustrating the leading patronal celebrations in Italy (on air on the 4th of July 2015). Scorrano is only 20 minutes drive far from the B&B boutique La Tana del Riccio in Salento, Apulia, in Southern Italy….You will not beleive your eyes if you come across one of the many lightshows taking place in small villages in the area of Lecce province,

The Festa di Santa Domenica or the Festival of Light and illumination, as it is now known, is one of Europes oldest and most long standing celebrations, having its origins millennia ago in Roman times during the reign of the Emperor Diocletian.


Today the town of Scorrano is ablaze with light on the 5th, 6th and 7th July each year – these being the three nights still dedicated to the Saints memory, and in an area of Italy renowned for its festivals, festas and amazing displays of lights and fireworks, Scorrano manages every year to put every other light festival in the shade. Every year Scorrano holds a different theme, and in previous years, famous landmarks of the cities of Rome, Paris London, New York, India’s Taj Mahal have all been depicted and fantastically replicated in multicoloured rainbows of light high over the roofs of Scorrano.